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Scented Room Sprays

About Our Concentrated Room Sprays

 Trezuur Naturals Room Spray freshen any space instantly. Our sprays contain odor neutralizing properties that will fill a room with one of our amazing scents that lasts for hours.  Let Trezuur Naturals room sprays provide instant fragrance whenever you need it. Leave one handy in the office bathroom, near the garbage can, in the car, the laundry room, home bathroom, or any other space that may need it.

Aromatherapy at it's finest.


Our beautifully scented room sprays are over 97% natural. They fill the air with elegant scents that send a person's sense of smell on a terrific journey. They contain no harsh chemicals or fluorocarbons which damage the atmosphere and our bodies.  Our scents include Lemon Verbena, Georgia Peach, Serenity, Garden Symphony, Chrome, and Home for the Holidays.  *See detailed descriptions of all scents within each product description.

Odor Eliminator

Removes Odors not cover them up.

Trezuur Naturals Odor Neutralizer eliminates the toughest odors with natural odor eating enzymes that remove bad odors. Remove pet odors, bathroom odors, trash can odors and more. Bad odors are replaced with a delightful citrus fragrance which slowly dissipates as odors are eliminated. Safe for pets and humans.

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