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The Face Behind Trezuur Naturals - Carla's Story



Trezuur Naturals 

A line of natural and organic

products for home, hair and body

Born out of love!






As a hairstylist and educator for more than 30 years and the creator and founder of Trezuur Naturals I was always improving and creating products and sharing them with clients, family, and friends. With so many loved ones plagued with eczema, cancer and other diseases caused by synthetic and harmful chemicals in products we use everyday I decided to do something to help eliminate a persons contact with harmful chemicals as much as possible hoping to reduce the risk of certain diseases and or improve quality of life. With a lot of prayer and an extensive amount of research and training Trezuur Naturals was born. 

Trezuur Naturals is a line of natural and organic products using only top quality ingredients including quality natural and organic ingredients such as ucuuba butter, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and perilla seed oil. A few of our best selling items in the Trezuur Naturals line include our all natural non-toxic aluminum and paraben free Underarm Deodorant, Hair Growth Stimulator Oil, Miracle Hair gel, luscious, great smelling, long lasting Body Butters, Nourishing Oil for hair, skin, and nails, elegantly scented room sprays and a Healing Balm for dry, itchy skin which is great for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. My goal was to provide products that were at least 90% natural or plant based at an affordable price point and I have done just that.


Carla Platt

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