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What our Customers are Saying...



I just have to say THANK YOU for the cream you made. I used it on an eczema patch on my neck.  Not only did it clear up quickly, it hasn't returned in the past 2 Summers since using it.  I had a prescription cream for the patch on my neck that didn't even come close clearing it up.  The prescription temporarily stopped the itching, but it didn't clear it up. YOUR CREAM DID THE TRICK; stopped the itching AND cleared up my skin.  You can no longer tell where the outbreak was. 


I have highly recommended your cream to my best friend for her kids and to my husband, who recently had an eczema outbreak.  My husband had a different prescription for his eczema than mine with little relief. After using your cream, his eczema cleared up too. His was even more widespread than mine!


You truly have a gift for combining just the right ingredients.  I hope you'll get a patent on it soon because pharmacies and/or dermatologists really need to have it available for eczema sufferers. 

Thanks again! 

Peace & Blessings


Lorna & Rick Holt

For many years I have been plagued with finding an affordable treatment method for the condition I have. So many of the eczema creams doctors have prescribed have only provided a temporary fix, but never really solved the problem.


I would still have flaky, itchy, cracking skin. I can't say enough about the sample of Trezuur Naturals Eczema Cream I received. The product leaves my skin feeling like silk; and I am truly in love with it! I will certainly recommend this to everyone I know. it's nice to know that we can still get a product that we can afford and that truly works. 


Jamie Oglesby

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