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Body Butter

Body Butter

Silky, soft, creamy and luxurious body butters made to hydrate, moisturize, and heal the skin.  Visible improvement of the skin can be seen after just days of regular use.  The fragranced butters have long lasting elegant, luxurious scents with therapeutic qualities. They have been reported as making a person feel wrapped in luxury.

Aromatherapy at its finest

Treat your skin with our long lasting Whipped Body Butter. Trezuur Naturals body butter is capable of moisturizing the driest skin.  Body butter has origins dating back for centuries.

Over 98% natural, highly emollient and packed with pure luxury. Our body buttter is ready to help heal your dry skin. Great for for feet, elbow, knees, and heels.  

Our whipped Body Butter is a moisturizing cream that intended to provide optimum amounts of skin hydration. Filled with essential vitamins and nutrients our body butter provides a natural and healthier way to nourish the skin. Perfect for hands, facial care, after shaving or as an all over moisturizer! 

This whipped butter is fantastic and never greasy. A little goes a very long way!! 

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