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Natural And Organic Solutions For Your Home, Hair And Body

Healing Balm
Chardonnay Candle
Garden Symphony Candle
Serenity Set
Sensitive Set
Home Gift Set

Trezuur Naturals provides solutions for the home, hair and body the natural, clean way.


Trezuur ( a play on the word treasure) the aromas of the candles, silky, soft and luxurious body butter that that hydrate, moisturize and heal, room sprays that quickly remove foul odors and a nourishing oil that's great for hair, skin, and nails! Our natural Underarm Deodorant is non toxic, aluminum, paraben and alcohol free and works like a charm. For the hair there is a Miracle Hair Gel which adds body and fullness to hair, helps define curls for wash and go styles and waves for twist outs. Our Miracle Gel also works great for edge control. Last but not least our Growth Stimulator Oil adds shine while promoting hair growth.


Trezuur Naturals provides products made from the best ingredients available on the market today,  essential and natural oils, shea butter and aloe among other fine ingredients.  All of our products are handmade and hand poured in the USA never skimping on quality.

For many years I have been plagued with finding an affordable treatment method for the condition I have. So many of the eczema creams doctors have prescribed have only provided a temporary fix, but never really solved the problem.


I would still have flaky, itchy, cracking skin. I can't say enough about the sample of Trezuur Naturals Eczema Cream I received. The product leaves my skin feeling like silk; and I am truly in love with it! I will certainly recommend this to everyone I know. it's nice to know that we can still get a product that we can afford and that truly works. 


Jamie Oglesby

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